One thing I love is when worlds collide and I get to connect the different parts of my life, real and virtual. Here is my most recent find from a soccer sideline conversation with another mom which led me to a new friend and this fantastic site – Maine Camp Experience.

Got to say, we love Maine for family vacations and weekends, it is only a short drive away and we always have great food like…lobster rolls…Fore Street…sorry, I got distracted.

So anyway, this site groups together almost thirty Maine camps which is wonderful in that it is easy to navigate and full of helpful information like camp readiness tips and how to choose a camp.

Here is a page from their website:

Child Readiness

  • Is your child physically and emotionally ready for overnight camp?
  • Has your child had a successful sleep over at a friend or relative’s house?
  • Can they handle a longer program day?
  • Is your child no longer finding his or her day camp fulfilling?
  • Is your child ready to experience new programs not offered at day camps?
  • Does your child have friends who are beginning to discuss overnight camp – If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to begin looking at an MCE Camp.


Selecting a Camp

There are all types of summer camps. How do you find the right one? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Match the environment to your child
  • Don’t assume because a friend or relative went to a particular camp that it’s the right fit for your child
  • Speak personally with a camp director about your child
  • Ask the camp for references and make an effort to speak with current families
  • Inquire about staff selection, background and training

A New Englander by birth,  I know quite a few people who have either gone to Maine camps themselves or who send their children. In my opinion, Maine camps set a high standard with an enviable combination of natural beauty, strong traditions and values, and robust offering of activities. Best of all – MCE is offering two camp tuition giveaways – yes, camp tuition!

The first drawing is May 15 – so you still have time to enter to win.  Here is the scoop:


Maine Camp Experience, the organization of premier camps for children in the best state for summer camp, is putting its money where its mantra is.  It will award two tuition giveaways of up to $5,000 each for use at member camps in the 2012 or 2013 seasons.  Families with prospective or returning campers can log on to to enter, as well as find a variety of tools to help them learn about Maine sleep-away camps.

Drawings are May 15 and Sept. 15

Our summer camp plans are almost finalized for this year (yes, I promise, honey, right after I finish this post) and I used the site to plan a family summer trip to Maine. This is a fabulous resource even if you aren’t sending someone to sleep away camp this year. Go to the well-organized and pretty site and follow the prompts to find great places to stay in Maine. We’re going to Portland and Fore Street for dinner with the mussels to start.


Added bonus,  I also get to offer three copies of the best-selling author Michael Thompson’s  book, Homesick and Happy (he also wrote that critically important book on boys, Raising Cain).

From the author’s website:

In Homesick and Happy, Dr. Thompson shares a strong argument for, and a vital guide to, this brief loosening of ties. A great champion of summer camp, he explains how camp ushers your children into a thrilling environment—an electronics-free zone, a multigenerational community, meaningful daily rituals like group meals and cabin clean-up, and a place where time simply slows down. In the buggy woods, icy swims, campfire sing-alongs, and daring adventures, children have emotionally significant and character-building experiences. They often grow in ways that surprise even themselves.

Leave a comment below to enter to win one of the three books and go here to get more info on the $5000 camp tuition from Maine Camp Experience.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post, opinions, as always are my own. I did receive three copies of the book, Homesick and Happy for this giveaway.

Three winners will be chosen using the super plug-in called…And The Winner Is. Winners will be contacted by email. For additional chances to win, tweet this or share it on Facebook and leave a comment confirming that you did so!

Sorry I forgot to close this out!! Winners will be contacted by email and the books will be sent out next week! Congrats and thanks for commenting!

And the Winners are…

Kim L

Ann S

Jeanette N

7 comments on “The Maine Way – Maine Camp Experience”

  1. I read Raising Cain and saw the DVD of it and really loved it. I have twin boys ( now 9) and learned a lot about
    how to help them emotionally and socially. I would love to read Michael Thompson’s new book.
    I also went to camp in Maine growing up. I spent seven summers on Long Lake in Harrison Maine. I also was a CIT and
    a counselor. It was such a great experience. I live in Portland, Oregon which is really far from Maine. If I could
    I would send my kids to camp in Maine because it’s just a magical place. I have fond memories of sailing, waterskiing, canoeing
    on the Allagash river, sleeping in a bunkbed in an open air cabin and hearing the lake at night. I loved it and highly
    recommend it. :-)

  2. My 9 year old is going to 2 night sleepaway camp for the first time EVER and I’m extremely nervous she will freak out and hate it and call in the middle of the night in tears.

  3. i wanted to send the teens to summer camp when they were in 4th & 6th grades so they could have the experience, but they both fought not to go. they spend most of their summer going to local art and dance classes and just bugging me :-D this summer they both have working permits and we’re looking into applying for paid internships at the local children centers and children hospitals. they just grow up so fast…

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