While I generally cook healthy, if not exciting, meals, sometimes my brain gets all fried or my day gets away from me (or both) and the dinner hour quickly approaches and I am reduced to offering what is on hand (a funny friend calls this Freezer Tapas -I’ve done this and it isn’t always pretty). So when I was asked if I would review a Foodler, food delivery site, I perked up and signed up. Take Out? I’m there!

So I wanted to recreate a day I would need this kind of back-up dinner, and that, not surprisingly, was fairly easy – I just had my regular Tuesday – too many carpools later,  I sat down with my children and we browsed the site together. Everyone has strong opinions when it comes to food and this is surprising, we easily found several places with food that everyone wanted.

Foodler has a variety of restaurants listed by area, popularity, delivery fee and rating.  You can type in your zip code or town and a list of restaurants pop up. I also really liked the search feature (looking for burgers, burritos, or soup? A list of restaurants that have your chosen food and their ratings appear.

I did not love accessing the site on my iPad (but that could be due to operator clueless-ness), I found it much easier to navigate on the computer. Some restaurants that I might have tried had a fairly high minimum order and some charge higher delivery charges than others (just look, it’s not hidden).  There is also a point rewards system that I didn’t really focus on but if you are a frequent flier then it may work out. Another Foodler perk also gives hours of operation and has handy mapping feature.

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  4.8 star rating

Go here to see if they deliver in your area – Foodler Service Areas by State.

We decided on Thai food and even tried a new place for us, Mango Thai Cuisine in West Newton. It was easy to order and to make changes to the order (I have a tendency to over-order when I am hungry) and the piping hot food arrived in no time at all (really about 20 minutes). Our hands down favorite was the Crispy Chicken Pad Thai Noodles and the Scallion Pancakes were a close second. Hmm… a reasonably priced dinner in under 30 minutes? That I didn’t cook? That was easy to order from my laptop? Well, I did make a green salad and roasted some cauliflower in olive oil for the veggies we didn’t remember to order. That made it just right.

I will definitely keep this resource on deck for future non-cook nights.

Thanks to Foodler for providing a $15 credit to facilitate this review. Opinions, as always, are my own.


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