Last year Beth Teitell of the Boston Globe wrote this piece about over-indulging pets – dogs in particular. Just so you know, I am nice to my dog but not Leona Helmsley nice (now there is a string of words you don’t often see) and don’t buy outrageous holiday gifts – maybe a bone, a new collar and leash and a box of treats. You can be more creative and give a gift to a local animal shelter either a monetary donation but some are looking for old blankets or towels as well. How about an extra walk? Good for you and the dog.

Our local MSPCA is wonderful and I found a magazine called  The Bark (tagline: Dog is my co-pilot), dedicated to dogs.  Personally, I like L.L. Bean or REI for nice, not over the top, gifts for dogs. There are Crypton fabric great pet beds that are wonderful and easy to clean.

Click on the image to go to the Crypton website – and I have also seen them at crypton bed for dogsB.Y.O.D in Newton Centre (they have other great dog accessories and treats, too) …or get a grooming gift certificate. You can also DIY the process and give your pet a bath in one of the huge stainless steel tubs.

I will be posting The 12 Days of Shopping jointly with Pragmatic Mom. Each day, please visit her blog to see the other half of each post.

The 12 Days of Shopping

I will be posting The 12 Days of Shopping jointly with Pragmatic Mom. Please visit her blog to see the other half of each post.

 Dec 1: Make Your Own Gifts GRANOLA, Amazing Granola from Nigella Lawson versus Amazing Granola Bars from The Barefoot Contessa

 Dec 2: Kids Make Gifts CRAFT (ModPodge versus Clove Fruit)

 Dec 3: Personalized Gifts (Fancy Address Stampers versus Pretty Papers Giveaway)

 Dec 4:  Father-in-Law/Dad and Mother-in-Law/Mom

 Dec 5Tutors/Teachers

 Dec 6High Tech/Low Tech

 Dec 7Hostess/Gifts That Give Back

 Dec 8: Sanitation EngineersMail Carriers, Hairdresser, Delivery People, Babysitter, Cleaning People, Dog Walker/Dog Trainer, etc. (a.k.a. who else did I forget?)

 Dec 9Husband, Me (Our Own Wacko List)Capability:Mom Husband/Wife

 Dec 10:  Dog/Cat

 Dec 11: Quick Gifts from Whole Foods versus Gourmet Food Store

 Dec 12: ’Cause I Am So Together,  Last Minute Home Made Gifts:  Cookies Personalized Holiday Tags

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  2. We are getting the usual stuff for our dog who loves to eat: treats, bones, and toys. His favorite thing to chew (though stinky) is a hoof. The least expensive place that I’ve found to buy him it is Target… I get the big bag of mixed chew animal products for $10.

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