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I am a writer – no, not because I just got paid to write (that happened a while ago) but because when I joined NaNoWriMo (nothing smoother? from writers, really?) I became suddenly extremely interested in cleaning, specifically all of the closets in my house. I have yet to tackle the junk drawer or the basement, but Martha Stewart herself would be proud of my linen closets (except I slacked and didn’t label everything – that may mean I am also still sane). Why? because I am supposed to be writing 1,600 plus words per day and I am not even close. Brutal, to even attempt it with a family, a part-time job and a modicum of a social life… plus I do like to sleep at least 8 hours and I am just not cutting it – the writing, the sleeping is going well, thanks.

Part of this is good for me because I have never even admitted I wanted to do this (write a novel) but I also am slightly risk averse and never want to fail at anything but here I am publicly announcing that I am writing a novel and now publicly failing to deliver. I should be ashamed but instead I am thrilled, thrilled that I was bold enough to try it and smart enough to know I am in the weeds and am not getting out any time soon.

I did write for a few hours on Sunday afternoon while the rest of the family was at the Boston College Women’s Soccer game and you may think I have all day during the week but it is surprising how much of my time is really taken up with household matters and not just the made up ones. Now I have to go…write? No, I could be doing that now, right? Nope, even better! I found a car kit that I need to put together first…Thank you, Martha!

capability mom puts off writing for another day with help from martha stewart
Photo - Martha Stewart




5 comments on “I am officially a writer…because my linen closets would make Martha herself weep”

  1. Here’s my pragmatic advice. If 1,600 is not a realistic number, pick a new number that is doable and stick to 6 days a week. Maybe it’s only 100 words a day or 500. It can be any number. Give yourself one day off for hitting the 6 days. The key is consistency and little by little, you will write that novel! I can’t wait!

  2. You can do it! Good for you, giving it a shot. I have to say, though, that Nano never worked for me, and that you shouldn’t feel bad if 50,000 words don’t roll off your tongue. My November goal: to work on my new novel every single day. I keep a little diary of my efforts. So far, I have a perfect record, because the goal is manageable, and I’ve added 10,000 words. Go figure.
    You go, girl!

  3. I can so relate to this kind of diversionary tactic! LOL. Washing dishes is my big procrastination technique. Followed by laundry, including ironing everything I own.

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