Great book title, isn’t it? I know I sometimes swear and sweat like a Mother so I was immediately drawn to it, and for good reason. The two authors (Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea) are super funny, smart and fit – okay, super women all around but you like them anyway. They don’t take themselves too seriously and have the ability to make you feel good reading about their huge running triumphs without being the least bit jealous. I may be able to pull off a 5K…maybe, if the temperature was just right, if I got enough sleep and if the universe granted me extra lung capacity and muscle tone for the day. run like a mother another mother runner capability mom runs tooSo while I want to run and am easing back into it, I am not quite there although I do walk almost every day (at a good pace, thank you).

This is a great book for the serious runner, the moderate runner and the runner who really likes to read about running while she contemplates running (umm…that would be me). I think I am a runner despite not having really been one for over five years…kind of a sabbatical if you will. The authors of this book share funny stories, tips and motivating strategies to get yourself in gear. While there is little danger of me pulling off a marathon any time soon – that isn’t what this book is about – it is for every mother who tries to get fit, find some alone time and refuel. Fantastic read – even if you are barely considering running! I just visited their site today (they have a radio program, too – check it out on iTunes) and a new book is coming out soon, Train Like A Mother.

I will definitely be checking that out, too.

You can also sign up for their newsletter and there is a cool feature called another mother runner which highlights moms from all over – you guessed it, running! A great site to get share and engage with other active moms of all levels of fitness – great tone, encouraging and fun!

I received a copy of this book for review. No compensation was received for this post, opinions are my own and I might possibly run tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

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