kiki d design and consign in newton center

Whew! Just when I thought I was settled into a schedule, I get slammed. I am busy with work (yes, dear readers, I work) and blogging kiki d design and consign newton center maevents (two in one week! Networking and swag! I will write about this later), the Boston Book Festival (next year I will camp out all day for lecture series, this year I just made it by all of the booths – still worth it). My little office is filling up with stuff – mostly books – which is always great, and I promise to read and review them…soon. We fianally managed to get our pumpkins this weekend, make Ina Garten’s Harvest Muffins (hold the harvest and don’t tell but I cut the amount of butter and sugar) and put webs up on the porch, make an apple pie and watch a soccer game, too. Low-key and nice, just the way I like my fall weekends. Was I shopping, too? Maybe! Jewelry Designer Beth Kurson has lovely pieces in her store, Kiki D. Design and Consign in Newton Centre. Beth has a fabulous eye and takes vintage pieces and makes them modern and striking. How? I have no idea how she works this magic but she takes the same care and attention with her store and it is stunning. Fantastic designer bags and clothes (I took some photos for her and was happily in the middle of no less than a dozen bags that I would love to own). Such kiki d design and consign newton mafun! You can go here to find her store and in a short time you can buy online (the online store is in the works).

Stop in and say hi – tell her you heard about her store here – she’ll love to know how you found her.


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