capability mom likes her new ipad case from urban outfittersI learned that I can multi-task (okay, not fair, I already knew that). I learned that it is possible for me to get out of the house and decent looking (read showered, hair done and in business wear – yes, even with accessories!) by 9 am with the kids to school, the dog walked and the house somewhat in order (laundry and dishwasher both running). I learned how not to freak out when my blog is crashed and giving weird code messages and not to pay anyone to fix it but to dig a little and work on it myself (thank you, Go Daddy tech support).  I learned that I really like to sit in Starbucks with my iPad and it’s new kicking case from Urban Outfitters (I am that cool) and maybe I also knew this already (the Starbucks part not the cool part …grin).

I learned I really like figuring things out like my new sidebar ads. Okay, really they are image widgets and yes, they are a little ugly (shhh!) but the information is there and the link works and next I will teach myself to build a pretty ad.

So why do I have these ads? Well, Pragmatic Mom is married to (yes, Pragmatic Dad) a real estate developer who has newton ma house for sale by owner capability mom blog pragmatic moma great eye and really knows his construction, so when he found a great house on a quiet street nearby, he snapped it up. Secret back story – I was in real estate for years (and my husband is in Commercial Real Estate – please note other working but somewhat unsightly ad in right side bar) and I do love construction (see renovation, home, as in ours).I probably had no choice  – my parents used to take all five of us for Sunday afternoon Mystery Rides, except, yeah, it wasn’t really a mystery, but a ride to look at land, yes, people, raw land, plain lots with trees! Oh the humanity! Okay, they are not cruel and got us ice cream after the staring at the trees portion of the day (oh, did I mention for added fun that we had already been to church, too?) but I think that was self-preservation on their part, plus they probably wanted some, too.

The good news is that I learned a lot about real estate (I did read for most of the drive but would focus on the locations) and this house is sweet. Great street, accessible to commuter bus or rail, walking distance to two elementary schools (I don’t know how it works now but you make a request to the school that you want) and tennis courts at the nearby Warren House (also soccer fields) and Auburndale Center. The older kids in this neighborhood walk or bike to neighborhood institutions like Tom’s Pizza  and Wally’s for ice cream and the Auburndale Library, which used to be a branch of the Newton Free Library but is so beloved that when it closed it was saved and reopened it as a community library.

A pretty house (three bedroom, 2.5 baths) all completely renovated in great area, on quiet street with other lovely homes in a great school system…sounds like a home run to me!  So if you know anyone looking for a great house, feel free to forward this post or check it out on Sunday from 12 to 2 pm.

Open House 8 Arapahoe Road, Newton, MA 02466.

Email my friend

pragmaticmomblog (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions.


I was pretty proud of myself that I figured out the problem and fixed it with the help of Go Daddy but my geek-y triumph was short-lived and I found out that the problem persisted. Such a drag. So, armed with my newish geek knowledge, I called on Go Daddy again, this time more code removal and a removal of a certain seemingly innocuous plug-in that crashed my site (it was supposed to speed it up and I still don’t really know what it does except caches things which is putting things in smaller files or something). So a new plug-in that doesn’t crash my blog and more thanksto customer service at Go Daddy. Also, I tried to change the ad photo three times this morning and it kept not saving so I am not quite sure I have that down, either. Gloating over, I am not a techno-wiz, I just got lucky and had nice people help me.



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