A sudden shower made my tea group head for cover – under the tailgate of my car where I shared out a bounty of books and got a great trade.

I have a friend who is a great reader (yes, she reads even more than I do) and always has books to share. I filled a huge canvas bag with books and drove around with them for two weeks, waiting to run into her. I parked in her driveway today (I am subtle like that) and finally gave her the books. Of course, she is so lovely that she immediately ran inside and gave me Little Bee which I have been dying to read.

She got Marjorie Morningstar (a perennial favorite), State of Wonder (Ann Patchett) and an armful of others (some were hers). I had a lovely tea with friends, lots of laughs and a terrific Falafel wrap and cup of tea. Our stop was L’Aroma Cafe in Newton and my bookish friend lives nearby.

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