capability mom blogs at kitchen desk capability mom blog is featured on the SITS Community blog as featured bloggerOne of the things about starting a blog is the new world of people you meet who are there for you in the nicest possible way. People who know what an RSS Feed is, how you can fix the one you broke, people who will tell you a link is down or that your site is slow to load.  No where is this better exemplified by the women of SITS – the whole idea of this online community is to recognize each other, give a hand (or a comment). It is such a good model for behavior in your real or your virtual life.

Thank you, SITS, for featuring my blog today. It is a labor of love mixed with hope and some frustration (those dueling Plug-ins of mine almost crashed my blog) and I love learning how to improve  my blog through your great helpful articles and finding such a warm, engaged community of women. Thank you for everything!! Check out more ways to say hey to the SITS Girls – Facebook and Blog Frog and on Twitter.

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