capability mom still reading books this time amira aly Egypt for wow! Women On Writingcapability mom reviews Egypt by Amira AlyI was invited to join a blog tour by Wow! Women On Writing for Egypt: The Uprising. What, in heaven’s sake, is a blog tour? Well, publishers now share advance copies of books (yay!) with bloggers and we can review the books, they get reviews and links, we get content and traffic – and best of all, I get more books! It’s good all around. Pragmatic Mom also posted on this book – check out her review and comparison to the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan here. Great take, as always by Pragmatic Mom.

I have to thank this book for being my starter book. What am I talking about? Well, I started reading the book on iBooks on my iPad (oh, I do love my iPad) but was not drawn into the book at first. I liked it but wasn’t connecting…was it the format, I wondered? Was reading a new novel on an electronic device different than reading the print (or “real”) book? I found that initially it was. Maybe I am not quite far along in my learning curve (I am a digital immigrant, after all, and a pretty old one at that) but when Pragmatic Mom let me borrow the ‘real’ book, I was engaged. Weird, right? Now I am switching easily between the two formats. I think this was my starter book (everything else I have read in ibooks has been work related or a classic and I was re-reading those) and now I am all set for the digital world of books. So thank you to this blog tour for helping me bridge a learning gap that I didn’t know I had.

What? The book? Oh, yes, the book. I love Young Adult books – I pretend I am pre-reading for the children, but I am really just reading for pleasure. It is so wonderful that there are so many well-written Young Adult books now, and this is no exception. The writing is lovely and the story quite compelling – put together a young girl searching for her brother, a little mysticism, a bit of science fiction, stir in some serious Egyptian Mythology and you have a really great read. The fast paced story is a true page turner and you want to know what happens next to our intrepid heroine, Aya. I found myself wanting to learn more about Egyptian Mythology, and cheering for her young heroine who is funny, smart and thinks on her feet. Click here to see a trailer about the book and here for an interview with the author. Amira Aly is a fascinating woman with a fascinating story to tell – don’t miss this book! It starts out with messages from a goddess Ma’at who is co cool she is even on-line! YA readers will love this.

Chalk up another reason I am switching between electronic and print copies – my copy keeps disappearing!

You can order the book in several ways, you digital natives and immigrants.

Go to the author’s website, or Amazon in my sidebar (I will make about 3 cents) and I still can’t figure out my links to Amazon – Pragmatic Mom, I think I need another tutorial or maybe I broke Amazon!

Visit Amira Aly at her author website and her blog. Check out her Facebook Fan Page, and follow her on Twitter.


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  1. I find that I like my Color Nook at night because it’s easier to read in the dark since it has its own light source. I do tend towards real books though. Old habits I guess.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed Egypt: The Uprising, The Battle for Ma’at and can’t wait for the next installment. It was a little too bloody for my 6th grader though I think an 8th grader would be fine with it, especially anyone who likes The Kane Chronicle series or Ancient Egypt which does not seem to be as popular as Greek Mythology.

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