Hard to believe but true, we did not have cable for a really long time. Yes, some formative years were spent in front of PBS not because it is awesome (which it is) but because nothing else was on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love television for, among other things, PBS, old movies, and Oprah. Although we were reading, playing musical instruments and having family game nights – we did watch television – just bad television. Then a renovation prompted an upgrade. Did I mind? No, thorough researcher that I am, I got to work. I started with a Q and A with engineer and gadget fan, my father, then polled (informally, I am not a crank) friends and family. I also did a little online research and compared the available options. Verizon Fios won across the board for reliability, speed, ease of use, and features  – so now I have Verizon for everything – phone, tv, internet and wireless. I have only had great customer service experience from Fios. They even have something called In-Home Agent (a 24/7 DIY troubleshooting tool)  – so good that I actually tweeted about it – and now there is a widget for Twitter from Fios – super fun and easy to use. My personal favorite is the weather widget – check it out here – very cool.

What do I like best? My DVR – seriously.  Now we record programs that we want to see later  (Modern Family and Glee are weekly must-sees) and I also love that you can start movie in one room and finish watching it in another.  Yes, sometimes there is jockeying for the big TV. We have also figured out the app that lets you use an iPod as a remote control – pretty cool – so far no battles between the remotes but I am sure that it is only a matter time.

Since I have started working (and it is mostly computer work), I need a really fast connection speed. I am also a little bit (read huge understatement) impatient and hate to wait for anything. It makes a huge difference not to have to wait for downloads for photos – I am super efficient – mostly due to connection speed…grin. Not only that, but the whole family can access the internet through our wireless network at the same time – no slow down at peak times (huge!) which makes homework time a lot easier, too, and you know I am all for that.

New(ish) for us is Flex view which is a cool feature that lets you rent or buy a movie once but watch it on different computers or mobile devices.  I like having the option of being able to watch a movie on the iPod touch or laptop (or the television). All you do is bookmark the chosen movie or movies and then you are good to go – so easy! Love that. I’ll love it even more when I have an iPhone (subtle hints are my specialty).

All in all, we are thrilled with Verizon Fios…after the mudroom, it is the best thing about the renovation.


I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon
FiOS sponsored blogging program. Any views, opinions or experiences
expressed are my own.

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