Capability Mom's Kobo e-readerI am, as you know, a returning to work mom – just on the brink of still being a stay at home mom by sheer chance that I am working from home. It is harder in some ways and easier in others as I am sure people with experience in both can attest. So I started a blog this year, and started to write (no one wanted to pay me just to read – go figure), and realized that I am even more geeky than I realized. I happen to love tech-y stuff and now I really like social media (even though I didn’t know what it was at this time last year). I love Twitter and all the applications that attend it (some more than others, go to for the best of the best), I am in daily contact with Hootsuite (love Hootsuite!) and am even giving a Hootsuite tutorial tomorrow – sorry, the class is filled! I love plug-ins and widgets and watching my traffic and Google Analytics (except they lie) and putting ads on my site. I may have accidently ingested learned some HTML along the way – enough to be dangerous not helpful!

So what else has happened? I was paid to write (here) which is almost as good as getting paid to read. I do like to share my thoughts and I think I may have found my voice and am having a blast. I also was hired to work on social media for local clients and had a great time doing it. I was hired by She’s Connected ( to be a brand manager and I because really like the site and the co-founder, I said yes and I get to work on an account with, wait for it… an e-reader! I know, pretty perfect, right?

So this e-reader is the Kobo and it rocks. I like the quilted back, the simple features and that it is preloaded with 100 classic books (Pride and Prejudice, A Christmas Carol, Anne of Green Gables, plus so many more). It is light (paper back book light) and it is really easy to adjust the font (which my middle aged eyes appreciate). My nieces were playing with it this weekend (we had 18 people here for lunch after the Holiday Pops concert) and they easily readjusted the font from largest (my setting) to normal (small) size for their young eyes. I do  have to say that I didn’t know if my kids would be as into as I am but they are big readers and it has been a challenge to make an appointment with the Kobo. My nieces are too polite to squabble over it but there was good natured tugging on it (which the reader withstood with aplomb) and I did let the Kobo go on an overnight visit with a particularly bookish niece who looked unwilling to part with it.

I do have to say that I looked at the other e-readers out there both before and after being hired by She’s Connected and I like the lightness of the Sony pocket and the Kobo but I like the screen of the Kobo much, much better.  Some models with touch screens can seem slick – and I do like the iPad – the touch screens of other e-readers I found logy and awkward. I like the easy to use controls of the Kobo and that it fits in my handbag (even my smallest bag) and I have used it so many times in the two weeks I have had it! I have pulled it out at the doctor’s office, the library, while waiting for a meeting to start, in the car (waiting, parked, not driving, please), and hanging out at home.

Don’t get me wrong – I will always love an actual physical book, but what a great way to take along more than one book! I wish I had it over Thanksgiving when we traveled – sometimes the book you bring isn’t the book you want to read. Kind of a drag when you are already airborne and you want to abandon a book or just change it up a bit. This is so great if you have a sudden need to switch books which I am wont to do.

So, yeah, I am into the Kobo ereader and have a wish list taped to my computer where the family is sure to see it. I am so subtle like that.

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