It’s true. We are way into Glee. This hasn’t happened since…um, Gray’s Anatomy and that was only me – everyone else called it that medical show that Mommy likes. I have always watched television programs with my children (you are supposed to, you know). Yes, from Barney (shudder) to Sesame Street (yay!) and Arthur. I do draw the line a a full episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody  (whether on the boat or off) but we are aware of the media they are exposed to and monitor what they watch and how much screen time they have in general.

Having said that, I let my kids watch Glee. Wow, that is pretty adult content. Yes, yes it is (that is cribbed from Phineas and Ferb which I shamelessly enjoy).  Is there an app for that? Well, there is a rationale. Here goes. I attended a seminar a while ago with Dr. Michael Jellineck of MGH* and he gave great advice to a packed conference room of (nervous) parents of teens.  The easiest one to implement (not to say this is the only one I am following) was to watch tv shows with your kids (his choices were Nip and Tuck and Hill Street Blues – his kids are older). Not just to veg out but to talk about situations the characters experience with your children. Almost any show will involve a teen pregnancy (see Glee) and the emotional distance when talking about a character on the show means that it is easier to talk about tough topics.

So far, so good. Is my rationale good enough for watching Glee with my children? Yes, it works for us and we all genuinely like it. capability mom gleeGlee is fun, funny, well-written, edgy but not too edgy, quirky, clever and – oh, the music! We discuss plot lines, ridiculous ones are easy pickings, and we having good conversations. I emphasize that this is a show and made to look dramatic and scandalous for ratings and it does give us plenty to talk about.

Do I think including the Rocky Horror Picture Show is over the top? That remains to be seen because I just saw this Time Warp video

(I fondly remember it, too – yes, there was at least one midnight show that I attended  – no more details, please) yesterday. Sadly, I missed the show because I was crashing a Reinventing Your Career Seminar run by the Kellogg School of Management. (No, I don’t have an MBA from anywhere -never mind Kellogg – I was a guest of someone with an actual MBA – that is a whole other story, stay tuned).

What I am ready to weigh in on is the photo spread in GQ – Glee Gone Wild. Inappropriate may begin to cover it. If Glee maintains it is an adult show then why are there Glee products at Claire’s (as tween/teen a store as you can get)? Here are the links for articles from Rolling Stone, The Boston Globe and NY Daily News.

Where do you stand on this topic? Even more information and discussion was to be found on NPR. Yesterday, Tom Ashbrook’s program On Point yesterday was about Selling Youth Sexuality – and Glee was one of the hot topics.  Go check it out. Write a comment if you have an opinion on this topic – I’d love to have a discussion about it.

*Michael Jellinek, M.D.Chief, Child Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital President Newton Wellesley Hospital

Here is a link to  some of the videos from Glee – Will did end up deciding it was too racy for them to perform for the school – nice decision and great performances. Maybe a bit of a nod to the seriously upset parents storming them…

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  1. Every parent needs to make their own decisions about what’s appropriate and sensible.

    In our case, we happily ended up discovering that our 10 year-old daughter really couldn’t care less about the stories … it was all about the infectious music.

    My wife and I like the music too and now watch the show “after hours” as a couple or simply grab the music online and load it on the family iPod.

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