I absolutely love the WSJ and most dearly the blog, The Juggle. Great writing, excellent topics. A friend sent me this:

Is It Gin O’Clock Yet?

By Paula Szuchman

This a personal tale of the writer and her husband who can’t wait to have a drink at the end of the day. There are already 78 comments on the article which includes a movie shot of elegant known alcoholics in Manhattan – Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man. I wonder if the article would read differently if photo were of less attractive real drunk people? After a cursory search (help me, Google) there are websites – yes, more than one, dedicated to showing photos and videos of drunk people. Drunkpeople.com is one. Not pretty.

What do you think about drinking in front of your children? Should you? Do you? Do you talk about it? Model responsible drinking?

Read the article and comment here or on The Juggle where many more people will see it – just sayin’.

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