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This is not what we look like!

I used to be a runner and sometimes, when I am not injured and more motivated, I still do run but mostly I walk and not just to the fridge for a snack during Oprah, thanks. Every weekday for the past three years I have been walking with wonderful group of friends. We walk for an hour or so (some with our dogs) and we talk the entire time (shocking, I know)!  It is a group of energetic, smart and resourceful women and there are a few regulars but many drop-ins as work/family schedules allow.  The group energy makes the walk go faster and is tremendously useful from an informational standpoint as well.  We dish, share, laugh, plan for civic and neighborhood events, conspire (for good, of course) and inspire. What we talk about is our Vegas (you know, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”) because we are all Suburban Moms so far from any Vegas-like activity that this makes us laugh.

I also walk with a different group of equally delightful friends on the weekend (when I am up early enough) and that is a six-mile walk that is just as fun. We talk and laugh our way through this intense work-out that goes by in a flash. So grab a friend or two or three and put on your sneaks and walk. Give yourself a great mental and physical health boost.

When I saw this from Treehugger:

America: Get Off Your Butt and Start Walking

by Bonnie Alter, London on 10.12.10
people walking photo
Not like this, either!

I wanted to send it out to all of my walking friends – good for us!

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