When you start to blog, you “meet” and know some people only in the virtual world as opposed to your real life (tangent:  my children used to ask me if something was true by asking, “In Real Life?” – evidently I make stuff up). Sometimes you know people in both worlds and they are nicer in one than in the other.  I am lucky enough to know Pragmatic Mom in both worlds and she is nice, generous and a force of nature in both. In the virtual world she has a terrific blog with wonderful posts, links about parenting and education and the best top 10 lists (all thoroughly researched) and in real life she is smart, kind, energetic, full of great ideas, super organized and sweet. Our dogs play together (her dog is only a puppy, my dog only thinks she is a puppy) and today had (re-) training session together in the dog park. Pragmatic Mom remembered a water bottle, portable dog dish and great dog treats that our dog preferred – and I had some good treats. She is always prepared and all about sharing and not just dog stuff, either. She shares books (we both love YA), social media/blogging tools and tips, and random techy/geeky stuff like a site, new link, a new application, or group. Look for more information on this at Coffee Shop Bloggers.

Today I needed a language link which, of course, I found on her site (was exactly what I was looking for and I knew it would be there – here). She reads even more than I do and always has the best links to Fiction for Children and Young Adults (I got drawn into three other posts while I was there) as well as great parenting advice by age. So head on over and say hi – you will love her site – it is a wonderful parenting and education resource. You are welcome.

On Pragmatic Mom’s site (in her footer all the time) are the following sites – the first two are also fun sites that engage you, teach you and give back. Sounds like Pragmatic Mom all over.

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