Back in the beginning of time, okay, when I started this blog, I thought I would give advice to younger moms (with younger children) – you know, been there, done that kind of advice. Well, it turns out I don’t really want to write about that and that my advice (some of it) is even dated (I mean like best strollers and that type of thing).  I do like to share and I think having moms ahead of you on the time line of parenting is invaluable and I have benefited immensely from my more experienced mom friends (Shout out to you Old Moms!). I did write this 4 tips for a great Parent/Teacher conference but recently I found these two articles from Jeffrey Zaslow of the Wall Street Journal and, umm, they are better (they should be), so read them.

From the Wall Street Journal


Do Your Homework

How parents can get the most out of their 10 minutes:

• Ask your child to share concerns before you go.

• Bring written notes and questions.

• Tell the teacher about at-home issues that might be impacting your child’s academics.

• Don’t be antagonistic. View the teacher as your partner.

• If teacher uses jargon, ask for simple explanations and specifics about your child’s work.

• Keep the conversation focused on your child—not your childhood, the teacher’s workload or views on the curriculum.

• Discuss strategies you and the teacher can use to help your child. Write out common goals.

• Ask for follow-up emails and conversations.

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