Please Internet, distract me just a little bit more!  Okay, we all know there are some serious time sucks (hmm..should that be hyphenated?) on-line and there just as many worthwhile sites, too. Just found this and about four more fun diversions. Fudge That Sugar a f-ing funny comic by A.K. Tettenborn. Go check it out and all of the names referenced in the comic.

I also added my favorite Word of the Day in the sidebar. It’s not a waste of time if you are learning something.

So I read a lot, maybe all the time? I wish. I still haven’t figured how to be paid to just read. Let me know if you have. So I read my sidebar blog peeps, the New York Times online, The Boston Globe, Slate (love Slate for best ADD news scrolling site) and some stuff that I get in my inbox. In addition, there are some RSS feeds I get on my homepage- when I have time I drop in. I like that I can see a preview on my homepage. How do you have time, Capability? My household standards are lax, our food is all take-out and my personal hygiene is non-existent. Just kidding, Mom! I read fast. Maybe sometimes I skim. My house is spotless (thanks to a very tidy spouse), I cook every day (sometimes not really great dinners and I am showered.

So read on for some fun diversions you might not have found but for me and my scattered exploration of the net.

Crunchy Betty

  • The Best of Crunchy Betty (So Far) – 12 hours agoHi, kids. It’s me again. Maybe you’re new here. Maybe you’ve stopped by a time or two. Or maybe you’ve been with me from the very beginning. (Bless your little pea-pickin’ hearts.) Regardless …

Cookerati Put ‘em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton & Canned Whole Tomatoes – 1 day ago

Mom Spark Dinner Recipes: Lasagna Rolls – 1 day ago

Orangette A quiet soup – 6 days ago

So go learn something, make something or just while away a bit of time. Your call. It’s not my fault if you are not productive…I am busy untangling some plug-ins and reading for book reviews.

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