File this under great stuff to do – actually, strike that – no filing – it is this Thursday and it is called Read for the Record and you should give it the three minutes you might otherwise be wasting on Facebook playing Farmville or something. You can read the book (Ezra Jack Keats – The Snowy Day) on-line (it is a great book if you don’t already know it) and make a difference in the life of a child. It won’t take long – it is a board book, people! I pledged to read and you can, too.

This from the website –

Pledge to read today and read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats with us on October 7!

Read The Snowy Day today and help give a book to a child who needs one.

Please help We Give Books donate a book to a child who otherwise might not have the chance to take part in Jumpstart Read for the Record Campaign.

To make this donation possible, simply finish reading the digital version of The Snowy Day in the window below and then click “Finish Reading.” It’s that simple. We Give Books will share a new print copy of this classic title with a lucky pre-schooler so that he or she can take part in this year’s Read for the Record celebration.

Last year more than 2.54 million record-breakers took part in the 2009 one-day Read for the Record celebration. By raising awareness about the importance of reading early and often in a young child’s life, we also helped to make sure that every child has an equal chance to begin school with the skills they need to succeed.

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