So initially I liked her name – because I am shallow like that (grin) but then we emailed and she is funny, generous, kind and talented. Here is her blog Capability Green and her Facebook site.

Capability Green makes really healthy and delicious food (if one day I prefer a bean burger to a standard burger, it will be because her recipes are so delicious), takes great creative photos and is funny to boot. She is also civic-minded and is involved in a campaign (for which is a a Canadian breast cancer support non-profit) called Eat to the Beat – it is being held tonight with great food and although I am not making it to Canada (a bit long for a day-trip) – I am with you in spirit!

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  1. Oh sweet woman! Your blog is looking spectacular! Now that we’ve found ‘capable’ one another I really have to make sure I get my online skills sharpened up I really don’t want to tarnish our family name!

    We had a spectacular night! Every major city should have this event, so much love, joy and food. Costume pics are being put together to most any moment.

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