Okay, so I am stuck at home waiting for a package – Ooh, how fun, you think? But, alas, no. Not fun. It is not something shiny and new but my 20 year old watch that can only be repaired for the lowly cost of $350. Hmm. Maybe I just go without? Yes, I think that would be best. So it is a nice watch (that my then boyfriend, now husband gave me so long ago) and I do love it but I could use the repair cost to do other things. Fun things, practical things, so they are sending it back (I am taking to the local watch genius who will fix it for about $10) and I am waiting. So I am on the computer and finding fun things that I am now going to share with you. Yes, you are welcome.

First up is a class at the local JCC by  the talented, fun, funny and anti-diva, Bobbie Steinbach (friend and neighbor and lovely person). She is an award-winning actor, director and writer and her new class, The Sisterhood Project will be a wonderful journey. Starting October 18 and running through February 14, 7-9:30. From the course catalogue:

The power of women’s voices is extraordinary. Weaving our stories into a collage of prose, music, poetry and dance,the program culminates in an evening-length presentation for the community. Theatre games, improvisation and writing exercises will be used as tools to empower creative expression. Bobbie Steinbach has been a longtime member of Boston’s theatre community as an actor, cabaret performer, writer, teacher and director. To find out more about this class : jccgb.org/register or call 617-558-6480.

To continue the theme of strong women’s voices, I give you The RedheadWriter who I found in the Twitterverse. Let’s be clear, she is not new – just new to me. Funny, smart and outspoken Social Media darling and Marketing Genius – Erika Napoletano. Her voice is strong, clear and funny as hell. I have been reading her site for the past half hour and loved The Bitch Slap…especially this one because maybe it applies to me… Go to her site – really worthwhile.

I also spent the morning watching Social Media videos. Yes, it is true, I am that geeky. I found a great post with five top social media videos on Aquent’s blog. Aquent is the talent agency for marketing and design professionals. It is a great resource with super links to articles and other sites about networking, careers, marketing and webinars (one of my favorite words ever). AND I figured out the plug-in for YouTube – it is called Youtuber and it rocks. I am so happy I found this and it is easy and it works like a dream.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the awesome pingbacks and for sharing my stuff with your audience. Such a great way to start my day by realizing I’ve got a new fan. And now – I’ve found YOUR community. Funny how that works, eh? :)

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