Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I am old (enough) and just learning how to make my site look the way I want it to look. I had it down (kind of) when it was hosted by WordPress.com (great way to go – lots of options and support and it is free). Then I decided to monetize my blog (so far I can buy a cup of coffee – not a fancy one, just a regular) and I wanted a little more of a technical challenge (I did? Really?).  So I moved (though I procrastinated for months) to WordPress.org but then I needed a host (you have to pay for this – not very much but still).  Luckily, GoDaddy (yes, that is their ad in my sidebar – because of their wonderful customer service) was terrific – read why here. Another great customer service rep walked me through my most recent needy request – trying to get Google Affiliates connected – and did it kindly and professionally.

I am a not-so-secret geek – always a word geek now a social media savant (feel free to place “idiot” in front of savant). Examples? Here is one from when I first put up my blog…

Pragmatic Mom says, all excited, “Hey, how did you get Digg and Delicious on your RSS feed?”

Me: “You are supposing that I know what an RSS feed is…”

I’ll take a minute here so you geeks can snort laugh at me and the rest of you can eye-roll in disdain that I actually have these conversations. Let’s be clear, I also talk about shoes and other important things like what I am going to have for lunch or maybe dental issues.

So, just recently a friend asked me to help put a Facebook Networked Blogs badge on her site. I (as usual) did not remember how I did my own but it is an fairly easy cut and paste procedure. So I did it for her blog. It didn’t take very long and I am so much more comfortable with WordPress.com that it was easy. This is compared to adding a video feed from YouTube to a post on WordPress.org – I tried and tried and finally (see idiot above) realized (long learning curve) that it is not the same as WordPress.com and I needed a plug-in…please do not get me started on plug-ins.  They are great until they are not. Okay, some of them are always great. A plug-in is an application that some person developed for easy functionality on your site – like RSS Feed or Ad Square boxes. So far the YouTube one isn’t working for me I added a plug-in (or three) and it still doesn’t work so I quit trying for now. I will figure it out eventually but I am fried on it for now. Any write-in help is appreciated.

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