capabilitymom reads the new yorker

Andy Borowitz: The Good Enough Baby : The New Yorker.  I have been reading The New Yorker while waiting for people in my car. It is part of my new ‘be on time or early for things” thing. So far, so good. So no long post now just this funny pass along so I am not late for my next appointment. You are welcome. Plus The New Yorker has cartoon videos on the site in case you need to laugh and kill some time while you are waiting for someone who is not me.

This,Free Range: Advice : The New Yorker from Susan Orlean, is what I am reading next and this, The Book Bench: Should Criminals Be Sentenced to Read? : The New Yorker. I do so love The New Yorker.

Oh, and I have ads on my site now..yeah, that only took a really long time to figure out. Go buy stuff from the advertisers and then I get some pennies. Pretty please? Thanks.

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