capability mom to coffee shop bloggersWhy should I keep all the fun information that I find to myself? I shouldn’t, it would be wrong and selfish. Let me help you.

Today’s finds – okay, it is not like I had to look very far – my inbox is overflowing and I am clearing it out.

Problogger– Tips on starting a blog though I linked it here through Coffee Shop Bloggers (yes, I write on this site, too, thus the shameless self-promotion).

The Children of Waiting For Superman – Bill Gates on Oprah? Today she has Jon Stewart (how funny is he?) which I am going to watch unless I am still at a soccer game. Note to self – record this.

The Slatest – a great summary of the latest news and then I get sucked into more stories like this on public schools or watching videos like The Responsibility Project.

While I am glued to the computer, I also have one foot in the day-to-day. Just greeted our plumber who told me that the toilet that I ordered (I decided to save money and get it myself)  was the wrong size – who knew to measure? – okay, well, the plumber would have known but I didn’t – so what do I do with this? It would usually be a problem but my plumber is the best – really, the best and is helping me with this. Pat Roscia of Roscia’s Plumbing in Dedham is a wonderful person, great businessman and really decent guy. Oh, and they are great plumbers, too.

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