One part of my life that I have not written about is our dog. She is a poodle and golden retriever mix – yes, a golden doodle. We did not choose her because she is a designer dog but because of allergies. She is, in fact, hypoallergenic and non-shedding (for the most part, but in spring will lose her coat a bit).

She is a dog with a great disposition and she likes to chase squirrels, bark at other dogs  – when they walk by the house and she can’t get out to play – and is almost 4 years old.  When she was almost one, she couldn’t move – she spent one whole day lying in a lounge chair (only the best for the dog) and we took her to the vet. Our vet is great but sent us to Angell – an amazing resource of the MSPCA – truly a world-class facility. Gracie was diagnosed with polyarthritis which was presenting as a symptom of an auto-immune disease. And it was really expensive to learn this information ( just noting, not saying it wasn’t worth it) and it was a  long time with a lot of medicine, patience and love before she was better.  I think when she has puppy-lapses (in behavior) that it is because she missed the better part of a year being sick and not that we are just really bad a t training dogs, but it is probably that, too.

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