The first article that caught my eye was on the editorial page by Christof Westphal and is called A simple, hard lesson to long life. It  is well-written and so motivating that I stopped reading mid-column and joined my walking group this morning – before I had even had my cup of tea and I really, really like my cup of tea.

The second article was in my favorite section of  The Globe, the mini-magazine section called G. It has local events, theater, movies, exhibits and great articles and, of course, the comics. Basically the old Living section but re-imagined – often the front page has super creative graphics, too. It was in the section Be Well : Research on Diseases and Prevention and is titled Physical activity’s after-effects.

So get out there and walk, run, cycle – it is all good. Here is another good article (from as a shout out to my Walking Group.

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