Yesterday after a lovely ice cream cone (chocolate, if you must know, I am a purist), we went to Barnes & Noble for books.  They are running a really cool promotion that Pragmatic Mom wrote about a while ago and that I forgot about (sorry, Pragmatic Mom, not very capable of me!)  Anyway, if a child (under 9 years of age) reads 8 books, Barnes and Noble will give them a free book. The books do not need to be purchased – library books are fine – the child has to fill out a form with the tltle and author if each book and they get to choose from a list of free books.  Click on this link to find out more about it. I was also thriilled to notice that most of the books on the Summer Picks table were books we have read or have on our list to read. Look in Capability Mom’s Store on Amazon to buy these great reads.

For my part, I love to be in a bookstore and while the crew I was with browsed, I sat down with Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski (yes, it won the Newberry, yes, I know I love all the Newberry winners). I know I must have read it before and I was so engrossed and I almost finished it. It is set Florida in the time when it was still a frontier (early 20th century)  – so hard to imagine given the lush strip mall oasis it has become. The characters are wonderful and the language is rich and the dialect so thick that I had to re-read certain phrases to get it – for instance “Is it a fur piece?” means “Is it far away?(a far piece)”. Took me a minute. The story follows two families – the Slaters and the Boyers – and I want to get a copy today because I want to finish it.

Vanilla is for Vanilla Bread that I will make for a house guest to bring home to her family.

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