I really like to read so, in addition to the daily paper (The Boston Globe) that gets delivered to my door (yes, an actual paper – my grandfather worked for a newspaper and I have always loved newsprint. Will this generation grow up not knowing how fun it is to transfer the funnies onto Silly Putty? Note to self – get some silly putty today), I get Slate Morning Edition in my inbox – it gets me the news and I like to start the day with a glance (or more) at their great articles.  I also get The New York Times daily and I like Daily Candy for more light-hearted information – I learned how to do my hair in my recent style here. I know, right? I read all of this stuff  and my take-away is my hair…grin.

All about the surface today. Are you the type of person who has to rearrange your house periodically? Well, changing themes on a wordpress blog (they are free unless you upgrade) and so I have been playing with new themes. Here is the new favorite.

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