This is probably the best vegetable dish on the planet. My entire family loves it and it is easy and pretty beyond words. I have made it so much that I no longer need to refer to the recipe. Always inhaled and great the next day. Here are some photos of our process.

The recipe is from the amazing blog smitten kitchen and it is her take on Ratatouille’s ratatouille – yes, as she imagined it from the movie. I imagined the ratatouille but it did not enter my mind to try to replicate it. This goes a long way to erasing the memories of a few years of bumper crops of zucchini. It was years before I could even look at that vegetable…my mom tried to disguise it but we always knew…

As you can see we cut these by hand but a mandoline would be lovely to use here. Go to my Amazon store in the side bar to get one.

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