Chocolate covered blueberries and spiced cherries food maven Capability Green no relation an amazing food resource

Okay this is weird – I just started using hootsuite to ┬ámanage twitter and other social media and tried scheduling a tweet for later. sounded great – what I didn’t know is that it shows as a post on my blog, too. Shortest post ever! I will figure this out (maybe) and give a shout out if you know what I did. I like hootsuite but, of course, haven’t bothered with any tutorials. Anyway – go to Capability Green’s site – great idea for a Father’s Day treat.

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  1. Hey there the link takes me to the Hootsuite sign on. Techno midget so not sure how to get to Capability Green without a link, but will try a Google search. I’m still learning basic Twitter and links, Hootsuite – no wise old owl here!

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