treehugger oil spill on capability momThis letter below is from Healthy Child, Healthy World and the photo is from TreeHugger.

We don’t say this lightly: you have a far-reaching opportunity to protect our health and environment for generations to come. There is a bill that’s taking shape right now in the Senate that can ensure untested and toxic chemicals are not allowed into our communities, workplaces, products, and bodies.

Relevant Example? Over 1.1 million gallons of chemical dispersants have been pumped into the Gulf of Mexico –there has been NO testing of the human health safety of the ingredients. We can’t see them, but toxic chemicals are all around us. They contribute to our skyrocketing rates of cancer, autism, birth defects, asthma, learning disabilities, and a long list of other illnesses that hurt American families.

Fortunately, the Safe Chemical Act of 2010 was just introduced in Congress. It aims to protect our families from harmful chemicals by overhauling our outdated chemical laws. The current bill is a good first step, but it’s missing some key provisions (like phasing out the worst chemicals first and ensuring that chemicals are tested for safety BEFORE they are allowed on the market)

Your Senators need to hear from you NOW!

Join the chorus and call your Senators this week!

Everyone has two Senators in Congress. You can find the names and numbers for yours at Then take 5 minutes to make these 2 very important calls.

What should you say? You pick! There are many ways the Safe Chemicals Bills could be strengthened. Pick from the list below that you best identify with, and make the call!

“Hi my name is ____ and I live in ____. I am really concerned about toxic chemicals in consumer products and their impact on my family’s health. I ask that Senator X support the Safe Chemicals Act of 2010, Bill Number S. 3209, and work to strengthen the bill by:

A. Requiring new chemicals to meet stringent safety standards BEFORE they reach store shelves

B. Quickly phasing out the worst persistent, toxic chemicals

C. Requiring the EPA to adopt National Academy of Sciences Recommendations

D. Ensuring a smooth job transition for potentially impacted workers and communities.

After you’ve called, please let us know by hitting reply on this email. (Tracking the number of calls to the Senators is super important. Please don’t forget this step!)

Senators tell us that phone calls are the best way to make sure your voice is heard. But if you don’t have time to make the phone calls, please visit the email generator.

Extra credit: Spread the word to your friends! If we work together, we can change the rules of the chemical game and protect the health of people nationwide. This is the opportunity that health advocates have been awaiting for decades!

Let’s get those phones ringing off the hook!

Thanks for your help,

Christopher Gavigan

CEO and Executive Director

p.s. Healthy Child is working overtime on this vital initiative. Can you help support us? As little as $5 can help us continue to fight toxic chemicals and protect children’s health. Please donate today.

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  1. Fantastic post. Great to see people power in action. In Australia the chemical situation is awful with many chemicals still in use that have long since been banned in the US and Europe. I’ve had cancer and don’t want others to go through it and I also wonder what these chemicals are doing to our natural environment, which is the only house we have to live in. Wonderful to see so many people care – now to convince the politicians that being run by polluting corporate giants is not what we want for our world.

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