Well, Day 3 started at an obscenely early hour as I readied for a field trip with a 5:45 am drop off time. I also did not sleep well…Anyway – despite being in dire need of caffeine, I tried the suggested hot water with lemon (instead of my usual tea) and half an hour late had my first Joos™.  This was followed by a bowl of  dry Barbara’s Oat cereal and a banana.

I had a fairly substantial headache all morning (the Joos™ literature mentioned that caffeine withdrawal may cause headaches so I was somewhat prepared) but then a kind  friend suggested I cave on the caffeine and made me a cup of black tea and soon I  felt tremendously better. Not ready to go cold turkey, I guess.

Joos™ around two p.m. and some snack items – hummus – crackers and veggies. Delish. For dinner I had brown rice pasta and a simple red sauce – very good. The Joos™ booklet has great recipes but I am – so far – just going with prepared veggie stuff from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and it has all been wonderful.

I felt great with good energy until late in the day despite the early wake up and I slept really well –  for a change!

Day 4 is a breeze. Maybe it is mental, maybe because I do start the day with tea (with soy milk as a treat, I know, I know, living the dream).  I have some dry cereal and watermelon for breakfast and am off for the day. I turn down an offer to go for a frozen yogurt without a twinge of regret. I have Joos™ with me and drink it over the course of the morning, Lunch is golden beet salad with celery and onions from Whole Foods which is surprisingly delicious. I tried on dresses today and felt slimmer (whether I am or not is up for debate). I do also feel lighter and clearer today, still glad for the am cup of tea but not discounting that it is what is in the Joos™.

Dinner will be a red quinoa salad and more delicious beets and a veggie mix. I am making burgers for the family and may or may not have one (they are small, sliders actually) and look great. This may be in gross violation of the cleanse, do you think?  Today is easier because I am casually incorporating it into my day instead of it being the focus. I am making healthy choices and totally discounting the usual suspects of consumption…now don’t get all jealous on me but I did get some kickin’ looking vegan cookies at the market…dare to dream.Joos brochure and bottle with veggie

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