…if by cheating you mean drinking hot water with lemon (as directed) with the addition of honey and a teabag (it was TAZO™ – Awake – my favorite kind!) and so needed after area thunderstorms woke us in the middle of the night…so really, it was only so that I could operate heavy machinery (Volvo station wagon) safely.

Also, the Joos™ booklet I got told me it was okay if I eased into no caffeine and wasn’t perfect about this.  I was up pretty early and was hungry so I had a spoon of peanut butter (honey-roasted) and a banana. Not on the list for the am but not on the elimination list either.  I walked for an hour plus and had my first Joos™ -when I got back and I liked it. I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t and that would not be good but I do… so all good.  Then, on my way to run a million and a half errands I shoved 4 rice cakes into my mouth – really I lost track because I was really hungry. Water, too. Rice cakes are a little bit dry. I did not make it home for lunch – I mean Joos™ – and was flustered and cranky by 2 pm when I inhaled my second Joos™ and some almonds and a nectarine that wasn’t really ripe but I did not care. I was really, really hungry – not feeling deprived just way off schedule and messy. Picked up the kids and ran some more errands and then home – usually the time I really eat junk. I had hit Trader Joe’s and picked up crackers, humus and lentil salads so I was all set for dinner. Snack in afternoon was almonds, crackers and water. My family had pesto pasta with chicken and I had an enormous salad with my pre-made salads on top. I felt good – regular tired not bone-crushing tired and only glanced at the chocolate in the candy cabinet.
Disclosure: I am getting the Joos™ cleanse program for a week as a trial in exchange for reviewing it but receiving no other financial compensation.
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  1. Congratulations on finishing your first day. It is by far the hardest.

    A suggestion is to have on hand a more nutrient dense food than rice crackers. The rice crackers are not satiating. Here are a few ideas:

    Mary’s Gone Crackers

    Trader Joes Roasted Seaweed Snack (may not sound that good, but it is so popular TJ’s has problems keeping it in stock because it sells out so rapidly)

    Raw fruits and veggies that you prepacked in the morning – Even have a banana on hand. How many of those can you eat?


    Btw, I haven’t had time to eat all day so I just grabbed a black bean dip from Whole Foods with some gluten free crackers. Delicious!

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job. Give yourself credit for finishing the first day.


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