balthazars nycI have been away. Yes, thank you for noticing. I was in New York yesterday for the day. Yes, the city and, yes,  just for the day.  I know.  Aren’t I a rock star? Hmmm…actually nothing like that.  So how did it come to pass that Capability Mom got to traipse off to the City? Am I employed?  No.  Was I on the Martha Stewart Show? No.  Was I even going to a show?  No, though good questions, all.

I happen to have a slew of sisters (three actually, and one brother) and one lives very  far away….in the West.  We do not get to see her as much as we like…so  Sister from the West was in NYC on business and the other sisters, plus our adorable mother, decided to meet her and Monday was the day. We ended up one sister short due to a (family shared) stomach bug and she was sorely missed.

We took the Acela -no quiet car for us – it was a great chance to catch up.  We left Penn Station and took a quick cab ride to the Mercer Hotel – so understated and modern – where we had tea and oatmeal (so virtuous!)  in the lobby which feels like a very cool living room. Now fortified for the shopping ahead (sometimes our mother doesn’t let us take breaks) we wandered around Soho (although we wanted to go in twenty different directions) hit some cute shops and then went to Balthazar for lunch.  I had heard of it but never been. What an amazing meal! Incredible. Fantastic service, knowledgable staff and outrageous food. I had (among other things) the Salad Nicoise with seared tuna and lovely wine (see Vine Lore).  There are photos of this lunch which I will post when I get them (hint, hint, dear ones).

A little quick stop in Kate’s Paperie for gifts for the ones at home (we were gone the whole day). kate's paperies nyc goodies for cpability momThis would be a great place to find Mother’s Day gifts, too. Then back to Penn Station. We stocked up on newspapers and magazines for the ride back and settled in. If we hadn’t had (delicious) wine at lunch, we might have taken advantage of the drink cart that kept wheeling by (I am guessing that it is a steady revenue stream for Amtrak).

All in all, it was a blast. Exhausting and fun and something I had never done before. A great experience.

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  1. Loved your message…we did have a memorable day!
    It was so special for me to be w/you all for such a fun day!

    Love to you all & thanks for taking such good care of me!


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