Okay, maybe that is an understatement but how can you decide when there are so many amazing choices?

Here is a favorite site, Daisy Janie  daisy janie fabric – I have had her on my favorites list for at least a year.

Another great, recent find from betz white  which I have been thinking about all week.

betz white is involved in an Earth Day Organic Fabric Giveaway with 11 other fabulous fabric designers. They are shown here and listed below. Go to their sites to learn more – I am just a conduit to great fabric. Contest ends April 26, 2010.

betz white with 11 other fabric designers to giveway organic fabric
Links to the generous and talented fabric designers in the giveaway:

Birch Fabrics Cloud9 Fabrics Cottage Industrialist Daisy Janie 
Harmony Art Homesweet ink & spindle loop Monaluna
Swanky Swell Umbrella Prints

Not in the giveaway but the reason I found it –  yummygoods  from designer Melissa Averinos in her little shop on the Cape. I haven’t even scratched the surface of my favorite fabrics – there is more, much more!

I love this site Spoonflower where you can print custom fabric on demand. You are the designer and they make the fabric or you can browse their site for fabric – so much to choose from – I may never decide (this is, in fact, likely).

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