I know you are. It just occurred to me that if you don’t know me you may think that I cook all the time and when I’m not doing that I am at fundraisers. Patently untrue.

While I do cook or prepare three meals a day for four people (okay, husband makes his own breakfast and lunch – see, I do exaggerate), I am doing laundry, taking care of the dog, the house (cleaning, maintenance – you name it, I will tackle it), keeping track of appointments (medical, dental and other), keeping the activity schedule on track (sometimes I mess up and we are off but it is usually okay), grocery shopping and chauffering children to various activities. Are my children in school? Yes.  When they were younger – it was all me, all the time. So that is why I have time for lunches or volunteering.  Just saying.

I volunteer at three schools (in transition to one) and with two groups at the local library. I support my friends who are volunteering at various other organizations and I am glad I can. The volunteers are amazing and kind and energetic and intelligent and committed to doing the best that they can. Would I like to get paid? Sure. Do I? No. So far I have gotten some free chocolates and that was the best thing ever – great chocolates from Fancy Nancy. Hmm…I work for chocolate. Not a bad tag line.

I almost forgot to add that I do this. I blog. What a weird verb. I am learning about social media and SEO (search engine optimization),dabbling in HTML (so far reading stuff or watching tutorials – everytime I try to do something – the computer becomes unhappy), connecting with other moms, other mom bloggers and enjoying the process.

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  1. Not only do you volunteer, but you get (ok, make) all your neighbors volunteer as well. So that is also recruiting. and development. And not to mention taking photos for your blog (and mine). You take great photos. Phew! Your day is packed. I’m tired just reading your list!

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