Trending now: Mom Bloggers are mean. Seriously? If you don’t agree with what someone writes – stop reading them. There are over 17,000,000 results that come up when you google ‘parenting blogs’ and over 55,000,000 when you bring up ‘Mom blogs’.  Has anyone ever posted a nasty comment on your blog? Have you ever felt the need to comment negatively? Let me know.

See this Jennifer James – Mom Bloggers: Heads High, Keep Blogging!.

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  1. I’ve felt the urge, but I just move on. I agree that there are tons of blogs to read and enjoy – more than any one person could ever read! It’s far too easy to be anonymously unkind and critical these days. If I am happy having my comment link back to my name and my blog, then I leave it. If not, I keep it to myself. I also try not to only follow bloggers who are just like me. If I disagree, I don’t necessarily “unfollow.” I don’t have to agree with every word a blogger types to enjoy their blog.

  2. I have not felt the need to comment negatively, I even feel a little guilty about MY last blog post because it is negative.

    If I don’t agree . . . I click away and/or stop following altogether.

    It may take a couple of posts before I stop following, but I would stop following before I commented negatively.

  3. I once had a semi-unfriendly comment from a mom blogger on my blog. In general, I have nothing but support so I have not experienced the dark side, but it also must depend on WHAT you blog on and WHAT you invite people to talk about. But it takes all kinds… right? It’s hard to get readers to comment so maybe some mom bloggers seek out controversial topics just to get a conversation going with their readers.

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