Welcome to Seats3D. You can see where you would sit and you can buy tickets, too,  in several stadiums from Ballena Technology, Inc. My husband really liked this site. Clients include MLB, NFL,Nascar, NBA, and NCAA. It is cool technology.

http://www.ohjoyeats.com/ Gorgeous photos and inspiration from wonderful designer and foodie.  From the website: 

The Oh Joy Eats blog is the food lover’s version of the Oh Joy design blog. It chronicles my gastric Happy Lady adventures with a focus on design & dining style, taste tests, things I make, things I eat, and everything my belly fancies. The site is updated 1-2 times a day. All photos on the site that I have shot myself were taken with a Nikon D3000 DSLR.

http://www.kirtsy.com/ From the website:  kirtsy is a social media platform of pure goodness. A plaza for the peachy. A portal to the pretty. A place to find cool things. To read smart scoop. To connect with fab ideas, exceptional people, useful information, excellent products. All of it. And more.

kirtsy is just like that friend who always finds the best stuff. Only better.

 It was founded by the following designer/blogger with two other women, and is a great resource.

http://www.designmom.com/  From the site:  My name is Gabrielle Blair. I’m a designer and mother of five (almost 6!) in Denver, Colorado. I post on where design and motherhood intersect.

There is a great feature “Ask Design Mom” and her links are fun and informative. Check her out.

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