I have an excellent work ethic and a decent sense of humor and most of all, I am modest.

My mother said I came out of the womb reading but she exaggerates and I really didn’t read until before Kindergarten (that may have been the last time I over-achieved). I was initially disappointed that Kindergarten involved things other than just reading (which, btw, I had been promised it was reading all day every day – that is why I agreed to go). I kind of got over it but it took a while.

wrote, I mean, edited papers for school for sibling and friends for years and they all got better grades than I did.  I have an excellent vocabulary and although I don’t look like it I can swear like a stevedore, no offense to longshoremen intended. My favorite word is antediluvian and my favorite phrase is flagrant disregard as in “flagrant disregard of human rights” (which my college roommate and I managed to work into every paper we wrote because we thought it was fun to do – nerd or geek, you make the call) although disregarding human rights is not being suggested, implied or sanctioned.

I have inhaled books for forty something years and I am a fast reader (so much so that my husband – then boyfriend – did not believe I was really reading that fast so would quiz me on books that I claimed to have read). Yes, I passed. Phew, huh?

My family gives me books for my birthday every year. I like that. I will read, review, regurgitate – no, I stop at that.

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