Dinner today was a feast – antipasto from Venda Ravioli , my roast turkey roulade (a little dry, truth be told), ham, spinach pie (my grandmother’s recipe), salad, broccoli and cheese casserole, pastea (another recipe from my grandmother), baked rice (recipe from Progressive dinner and orginally from my friend’s mom, Batia Gittelman) and a green salad. I forgot to put out the bread – sorry, family! Too bad, I had an interesting cranberry bread and Iggy’s rolls. We also had gorgeous cupcakes, a chocolate panetone, carmel apples, and lots of chocolate in many different shapes (bunny, egg, kisses).

I think I need to prepare more and stress less.  I ironed while watching Easter Parade but probably should have done that two days ago. Too many things were oven-dependent and luckily the timing worked but I should have split the stove top and oven prep stuff.  I need to breathe more and drink less caffeine (this is true in general, not just when we entertain).  Luckily my family is lovely and we all ended up on the patio soaking up the sun, while all the children played in the yard. Happy Holidays.

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