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Passover was lovely.  We celebrated at the home of dear friends who kindly share this special holiday with us.  Our family celebrates the holiday traditions of each religion of  (parental) upbringing (Jewish and Catholic) and hope that we are also sharing the lessons and values of each. 

So, last night, first, a lovely, lively and simple seder kept the children and adults engaged as we all took turns reading from the Haggadah.  Then there was the food, oh, the food!  Perfectly delicious homemade matzoh ball soup and delectable brisket were the order of the day (I will print the recipes later from our hosts – Thank you, Grandma M!). 

Then there was the cake…oh, the cake, idiot-proof?  Hmm..well, it was fine when it came out of the oven but due to (both equipment and operator) error, there were a few issues.  First, the springform pan did let in some water (even though I did take the precaution of wrapping the pan in foil) which may have been less if I had the presence of mind to remove it from the water bath immediately.  My guess is that as it cooled, more water entered the pan, resulting in a really unattractive edge of liquid-y chocolate. Then cake started to slide off the pan in a really scary, rubbery way.  

Panic.  Breathe. Repeat.  

I cut off the edges and cut the cake into salvageable (brownie-like) sections.  Luckily I had whipped cream, ice cream, berries and Chocolate Carmel Matzos ready to go.  The cake tasted good but was clearly a mess.  So much for idiot-proof -oh, and we renamed the cake “Passover Princess Cake”  because a certain impressionable youngster learned the word idiot and it seemed like a good idea.  I have made this cake on at least two occasions without incident and I will definitely make it again.  It does keep beautifully and is usually lovely.  Serve with your choice:  whipped cream, ice cream, berries or, best, all of the above. 

Many thanks to our kind and lovely hosts for the wonderful company, amazing food and sweet Passover Seder.

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  1. I love that a child learned the word idiot from your cake. That is too funny. But I’m sure that same youngster can make the cake on her own!

    Can’t wait for the recipes. My kids LOVE matzo ball soup and we have no Jewish grandma to crib from!

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