Yes, the turkey cutlets were that good that we had them for dinner again last night.  This time with the simple tomato sauce ( in side bar under recipes – tried and true) and pasta. I made everything ahead of time.  A pound of this pasta – half whole wheat, half regular – seems to work for us – I guess I could gradually increase the amount of whole wheat :-). Cover the pasta with the tomato sauce in a ceramic baking dish, placed the cutlets on top, added more sauce and put in the oven at 300 degrees. You could put cheese on top if you want, I left it as is and served it with a green salad and garlic bread (okay, pre-made from Whole Foods – the place where I spend too much money).  I cut carrots, cucumbers and celery into spears and put them in small juice glasses for nibbling.  Done.

This is an easy dinner to put together ahead of time and heat up. On to the next culinary adventure!

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