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It was almost two years ago that we finished a renovation and despite having a great general contractor and a wonderful architect,  I am only able to write about it now. I manged to talk about it plenty and to those who had to listen to it – many thanks for your patience. Home Renovation is a vortex (like the wedding vortex) and you are helpless to resist the pull of the minutiae. Really, backsplashes, countertops, fixtures, drawer pulls, hooks – I obsessed over hooks that I barely notice today – but that is past me now and I am ready to obsess over something else.  Maybe food, that’s always a good choice.  I finally got another copy of the most gorgeous lamb shank recipe ever.  It is from the restaurant Bha! Bha!  in Naples Florida and it is amazingly delicious and it took me two days to make it last time. I found the recipe in Bon Appetit magazine (years ago) and my family loves it.  I lost my copy of the recipe and tried unsuccessfully to find it on Epicurious and I just cajoled it out the owner/chef this weekend. I had promised (sorry, honey) to make this when the kitchen was completed.  Recipe finally in hand, I will make it next weekend and post the results and recipe.

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