I have always loved libraries, the peace, the enforced quiet (sometimes I need to be forced to be quiet), and the books – so many books!  There is an application for Simmons college for an MLS degree in my inbox – it has been there awhile now and I almost don’t notice it anymore but I still think about it. 

I  get my library fix in a few ways these days, aside from just using it as the amazing resource that it is, I also volunteer for the Spring Fling, a wonderful annual fundraiser for the Newton Free Library (Tom Ashbrook of NPR as host)  for the Friends of the Newton Free Library (book and author lunch, book sales) and at my children’s schools (I do need that Stop Me Before I Volunteer Again button).  All of these groups are filled with lovely and intelligent women who are kind, supportive, level-headed and generous with their time and energy.  It is a pleasure to spend time with them.  There is a great (almost endless) supply of energy among these women. Whether it is a book sale, an author’s evening,  a school-wide fundraiser or Understanding Our Differences program, the dedication and talent of these women is remarkable.

That said, I am on the precipice of wanting to – gasp – Return To Work.  I know my skills are rusty or possibly non-existent, I know it is a horrible job market and I do value my time with my children at home (and volunteering) and still want to do that, too.  I also want to be paid.  I am glad that I have been home with my children and wouldn’t have missed it for the world (this is in no way a  judgement of moms who work outside of the home, it is just what worked for us).  But I still dream of those mother’s hours (10 am to 2 pm) and a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. Dreaming?  Unrealistic? How do you balance your life?  Let me know in the comment section.

Here are links to the Spring Fling, Friends and UOD




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