Japonaise Bakery Bread

Pun intended, I did visit the dentist this am (warning: back-to-back health care visits can make you punchy – I usually do not care for puns).  I was so besieged by requests for more yummy Shoku Kan (you know who you are) that I went back again to the wonderful Japonaise Bakery.  Yes, it was a hardship for me, exposing myself to more delicious baked goods, but that’s the kind of mom I am.  I bought tons of the bread (regular, wheat, and the house favorite, heavy cream). The  photo does not do the bread justice.  It is really amazing.

I also had a chocolate almond cookie, just so I could share the information, not because I really wanted one.  It was wonderfully delicious and did not make it home.  I think it is a good thing that this favorite is at a distance that discourages daily visits.  Of course I have other favorites;  Hi-Rise Bread Company in Cambridge, Flour in the South End, Bread and Chocolate and L’Aroma in Newton. In the interest of health (mine), I will not write about all of them in one week.

What is your favorite bakery?
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