In our house there are two tvs – the big tv is the one in demand – and the faceoff between the Olympics and American Idol resulted in channel switching that made me dizzy.  We all are interested in the Olympics and some of us are interested in Idol. Let the games begin!

It is often a challenge finding appropriate movies that we all want to watch. Thankfully we are past the Disney princess movie stage  but the Disney Channel still looms large on (some of) our program choices. I can take a little of the snappy repartee but after any substantial amount of time or after a certain hour of the day, I am tweaked when I hear even the theme music.  I do happen to like Phineas and Ferb (it is clever) and small doses of Spongebob Squarepants. 

I would love to say that I allow no weekday tv but I do allow a bit after homework  is finished and musical instruments are practiced.  Sometimes I even get the table set or napkins and dish towels folded. Usually not. 

Here is a site that helps check out appropriate movies:

Nothing like sitting through an inappropriate movie with your child to make you want to check this site. Think of the movie Valentine’s Day ( Valentine\’s Day) with your teen. Painful.

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  1. The debate about TV and its effects is worth pursuing. We have one small TV that we use mostly to watch DVDs. The kids do watch cartoons to unwind every now and then and I think it is important for them to know some of the lingua franca of their generation that comes from watching some TV. TV provides cultural reference points and a shared comedic sense (who wouldn’t know what is really meant by “Yada-Yada”, “Where’s the beef?” “June Cleaver” etc. At the same time, whenever I have watched some TV lately I’m astounded at the fraction of time we are pelted with commercials. The lead ins to programs coming up are often really racy, violent, shocking,in poor taste. Just turning through channels you’re subjected to this. I prefer to avoid it and plug in a DVD. When it is over the TV is turned off instead of the kids getting pulled in by the “coming up next! a world one-time only premier event!… etc etc yada-yada-yada.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment and congratulations on stemming the tide of media. I agree with you thoroughly on both the importance of knowing the pop culture references and the ads that are entirely inappropriate (we often call out “don’t look” when it is a particularly violent or shocking ad). Thanks for reading!


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