I have written about Karen Day twice and met her twice as of yesterday. She is as warm, lovely and as down-to-earth as you would imagine from her books. She can also hold a room of 10 year old girls in thrall as she talks about writing, character development and rejection letters (which she put together on a long laminated scroll that was a striking visual aid).

How did I get this invite? Why, Pragmatic Mom, of course. Her daughter’s book group read No Cream Puffs and Pragmatic Mom knows the author (from other Mom activities). They got to talking about books (no surprise) and Karen graciously offered to join them for the book group. How cool is that? You read a great book with group of friends and then the author comes to your house to talk about it – very cool.

Karen put the group at ease right away and they worked away on fun (sparkles, beads, stickers!) craft projects that also helped with keep hands busy and awkwardness at bay. She was gracious and engaging and answered all sorts of great questions about her book: how she writes, what happened when she finally got published and the critical “did that really happen” questions. Check out a full report here from Pragmatic Mom. Thanks for letting me sit in!

Karen’s new book due out in the Spring is A Million Miles from Boston. We are looking forward to this next book from a favorite author.

A MILLION MILES FROM BOSTON tells the story of 12-year-old Lucy Gallagher, who lives in Boston with her Dad, brother and beloved dog, Superior. It’s been a rough school year, with an annoying boy and Dad’s new girlfriend in the picture. Lucy can’t wait to get to Maine, where she spends summers at her family’s cottage. Where she feels most like herself. But on her first day, Lucy’s summer is turned upside down with the arrival of a new family. Could the summer get worse? It does. But Lucy learns a valuable lesson. That people aren’t often what they seem.

Coming Spring 2011 by Wendy Lamb Books/Random House.