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Upgrading with Fios

During my transition from being a Stay at Home Mom to a Work At Home Mom, I have been lucky to have great service through Verizon Fios. We have always had land line, internet, television and wireless service with Fios, and as our family grew and our use of iPads, computers, and cell phones grew with it. Considering that we hadn’t even looked at upgrading speed options since we first got Fios (in 2008), and our usage has definitely increased, I recently upgraded and am thrilled with how fast I can search sites, update blog posts – even with the house full of people streaming on their devices.

The speed and convenience that I now take for granted was highlighted even more  after a weekend at my parent’s house that definitely does not have Fios, and where I had to navigate their patchwork of services. Next project, set the parents up with Fios!

The Verizon representative was thorough, knowledgeable, professional and courteous. After the super easy, non-intrusive installation was complete, he helped me run a speed test on the computers and installed another Verizon router upstairs (we have a weird, old house) so now all of the house is covered. He also patiently answered all of my many questions. Great customer service again. Thanks Verizon!

So, if you have Verizon already – here is the Verizon Speed Test – give it a try. Don’t have Verizon yet? Just click here and see if it is in your area. Verizon Fios Boston

So while I am occasionally still locked out of Netflix, I now have the fastest download speed available and I am never at a loss for something great to watch.


Disclosure – I am a member of a Verizon #BostonFios influencer team (a natural for me – a Verizon superfan!) and we are compensated for social shares. All opinions are, and always will be, my own.




Traveling with Fios

Over April break, our family traveled together, and with two teens in tow, you know we had our tech at the ready. Unsure of the available in flight and potentially long airport layover entertainment options, we all downloaded books and movies to our devices at the same time one day. Luckily, we have Verizon FIOS and it was a snap because of Verizon’s super fast download speed.

And we all had favorite apps – Verizon Fios Mobile, Hoopla (a free service offered by your public library that lets you borrow video, music and audio books), and HBO Go (accessed through our Verizon Fios account).

So books and movies were downloaded, devices and batteries charged, secured in our carry-ons, and we were on our way. As usual, I packed a variety of travel friendly snacks and we were off and running.

My youngest daughter even brought an adorable heart shaped headphone splitter so she and her sister could watch their favorite shows together which came in handy.

What did we watch? La La Land, Lion, Hidden Figures, Good Will Hunting, and several episodes of Friends. Books? I caught up on The Alchemist and, for something lighter, The World’s Best Life Hacks.









Everyone had their favorite diversions and we all shared our favorite picks with each other. Family trips are great opportunities for a shared experience – and even a long layover can be a chance for bonding with your shared earbuds and some snacks Mom packed.


Disclosure: I am working with a Verizon Fios team of bloggers to help get the word out about Fios coming to Boston. While I am being compensated for sharing, all opinions are, as always, my own. And yes, yes I do, watch a lot of tv. No judgement.


Binge watching on Verizon Fios

We have had Verizon Fios since forever – okay, 11 years. I remember when we got it because during one particularity sad technology week here, we had only one antenna for two TVs. So when my oldest asked for the rabbit ears so they could watch PBS downstairs, I laughed, gave them to her, and went out that day for another set. And then I called Verizon.

Really. When we renovated our house – mostly the kitchen – all my husband wanted was a comfy chair and some sports channels. And we definitely have that covered with Fios.  Me and the kids? We like movies and some long running shows; binge watching is kind of a thing in our the family. How about you? Ever finish a show and wonder what to watch next? Me, too. But then I talk to some friends (or the kids) for suggestions. yes, I will share.

This Is Us

If you aren’t already watching this (no, you’re crying) then catch up here.  I promise not to talk about the upcoming episode until you do.








Jane the Virgin has been a family favorite for a while but we can’t talk about it – we’re all in different places – No spoilers!

Also a huge fans of Crazy Ex Girlfriend – trust me, dark, witty, funny, sweet and with musical numbers.








I haven’t gotten into Big Little Lies but I think it’s only a matter of time. Or Game of Thrones. That’s on my list. Definitely caught up and enjoying this season of Girls.

Need to watch those Oscar nominated movies you missed? Start with these available now on Fios.

And we have a family movie night planned to watch this:

Check to see if Verizon Fios is in your area here. Locally, Fios is rolling out in newly wired areas: Dorchester, West Roxbury, Roxbury and Roslindale.

And there’s a new way to get Fios, too.


Disclosure: I am working with a Verizon Fios team of bloggers to help get the word out about Fios coming to Boston. While I am being compensated for sharing, all opinions are, as always, my own. And yes, yes I do, watch a lot of tv. No judgement.












Verizon Fios works for me

Hard to believe but true, we did not have cable for a really long time. Yes, some formative years were spent in front of PBS not because it is awesome (which it is) but because nothing else was on.  Don’t get me wrong, I love television for, among other things, PBS, old movies, and Oprah. Although we were reading, playing musical instruments and having family game nights – we did watch television – just bad television. Then a renovation prompted an upgrade. Did I mind? No, thorough researcher that I am, I got to work. I started with a Q and A with engineer and gadget fan, my father, then polled (informally, I am not a crank) friends and family. I also did a little online research and compared the available options. Verizon Fios won across the board for reliability, speed, ease of use, and features  – so now I have Verizon for everything – phone, tv, internet and wireless. I have only had great customer service experience from Fios. They even have something called In-Home Agent (a 24/7 DIY troubleshooting tool)  – so good that I actually tweeted about it – and now there is a widget for Twitter from Fios – super fun and easy to use. My personal favorite is the weather widget – check it out here – very cool.

What do I like best? My DVR – seriously.  Now we record programs that we want to see later  (Modern Family and Glee are weekly must-sees) and I also love that you can start movie in one room and finish watching it in another.  Yes, sometimes there is jockeying for the big TV. We have also figured out the app that lets you use an iPod as a remote control – pretty cool – so far no battles between the remotes but I am sure that it is only a matter time.

Since I have started working (and it is mostly computer work), I need a really fast connection speed. I am also a little bit (read huge understatement) impatient and hate to wait for anything. It makes a huge difference not to have to wait for downloads for photos – I am super efficient – mostly due to connection speed…grin. Not only that, but the whole family can access the internet through our wireless network at the same time – no slow down at peak times (huge!) which makes homework time a lot easier, too, and you know I am all for that.

New(ish) for us is Flex view which is a cool feature that lets you rent or buy a movie once but watch it on different computers or mobile devices.  I like having the option of being able to watch a movie on the iPod touch or laptop (or the television). All you do is bookmark the chosen movie or movies and then you are good to go – so easy! Love that. I’ll love it even more when I have an iPhone (subtle hints are my specialty).

All in all, we are thrilled with Verizon Fios…after the mudroom, it is the best thing about the renovation.


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