Sunday, lazy Sunday.

There are a few bloggers who post at least once a day – sometimes even twice – and on occasion I have done this, too. But of late I have had more stuff to do – all good – but lots of stuff nonetheless and I am sometimes take a day –  or two – off.  While I am writing every day, sometimes I have several drafts that I am working on and I bounce back and forth between them. ADD or more thoughtful writing? You will have to judge that when I finally post them.

green and blue fishWhen I started this blog I thought I would use it as a way to let other Moms know stuff that I already know. You know, stuff that I have done or been through. As it turns out, I am okay with sharing that stuff but I like writing about stuff that occurs to me now.  Maybe I should change Capability Mom to Capability’s Soap Box…no, I am not so much doing that as pulling ephemera out of the air, the web or my life and sharing it.  I am enjoying the entire process from writing and “finding my voice”  to learning about social media (Digg,, stumbleupon and about different hosting platforms – WordPress (.com versus .org), TypePad,  Blogger, how to buy an  URL (godaddy, bluehost) and how to manage Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

With my (geographically close) friends – we don’t use Twitter to communicate, or Facebook. So I am learning social media when four months ago I didn’t even know to call it that – and am still not sure where this is taking me but I am enjoying the journey. I am also getting to know a great group of women over at CoffeeShopBloggers where we learn and share our experiences in setting up a blog and social media in general.

Hopefully it is enough that I share and if you care about what I write about you will read it. Happy Sunday.

Blogging for fun and money

So I started this blog as a lark, for fun, as a way to make myself write both because I love to write (but have a small motivation problem) but also because I was in that awkward stage (again? I thought that was in junior high!) when your children are in school all day and you are not 24/7 and you may need to go back to school or work but you don’t know what to do, so I did this.  I started writing and finding my voice and some people liked it. I submitted some writing samples and some other people offered to pay me and so they did (yes, and I cried when they said they would pay me and when it was finally published – here) but not for sentences like this one.  I am thrilled beyond belief and so then I really got into it and started to treat this like a job because it can be and it is and so I have to learn things like ROI (return on investment) and social media and about Twitter and Alexa rankings and Technorati and SEO and Google Analytics and HTML and CSS (okay, s0 I still don’t really know the difference but CSS looks easier).

So here are some tools that make your blog better. I mean, maybe they will help. Anyway, I like them.

Hubspot is a software and advice site that lets you grade your Twitter, Website, Blog and even Facebook. Click on the highlighted text and go to Hubspot. Of course they want you to subscribe to their service but even if you don’t there are good tools to be had (more even than I have listed).

Mama’s Losin’ It is a great Mom blog with writing prompts (and good links to other sites), great and very helpful blog tips and a funny section called Dear Ellen where Mama Kat asks Ellen Degeneres if she can be on her show. There is even a song. So so funny! Ellen should put this Mommy Blogger on her show!

Twitter is fun and has a new design and there are tons of apps that go with Twitter. Go to oneforty for great applications for twitter. Founded by Laura Fitton (@Pistachio on Twittter). Great stuff in one place – I have written about it before – really it is that good.

Other resources include, but are not limited to, Copyblogger, Problogger and (shameless self-promotion) Coffee Shop Bloggers. I also subscribe to more than one Mom Blog site – there are many, but that is another post!

For Those Facebook left behind – a primer for most of us…

Sorry, I am not writing much now. I am reading, working (oh, so I also went swimming today – and had lunch poolside…shut up) and setting up my (new to me – five years old to someone) Mac desktop (with keyboard and mouse from Pragmatic Mom – many thanks!) that I scored on Freecycle.  So, so happy. It is working and we are all thrilled. Our Dell laptops continue to be temperamental and that means so am I…nothing like an unexpected shutdown to really add to your heat addled-haze. Did I mention that Mommy Car better pull herself together or she is going to the special farm for high-maintenance cars? Her A/C is gone and only hot (like the heat of a thousand suns) air blows out of all the vents at preset level HIGH. I cannot do anything except redirect the air to less bothersome places…feet instead of face until my feet feel scorched. Dear Spouse is trying to get me to test drive cars (I may hate this process more than anything…car dealerships are a circle of hell in and of themselves – I think I need a third row and am looking – so far – at either a gently driven Acura MDX or Honda Pilot, I think) and does not want to put any more money into Mommy Car…so I guess I better get started or maybe this is an excellent weight loss program…sweating it off  while you drive carpool. Pretty.

Anyway, that is not what I stared to write and not what I meant for a lead-in to David Pogue’s article on social media. Please pardon the tangent and my apologies to Mr.Pogue who deserves better.

This is a New York Times article from David Pogue that is a great tutorial for the non-tech savvy –STATE OF THE ART – For Those Facebook Left Behind

Great info and, as always, a great read.  I tried to add the video – it is pretty funny – but can only add it to Facebook. It is on the linked page above, too.

Have a great weekend – I will try to get up to speed on my new computer and also tell you more about Hootsuite, Google Buzz and Listorious next post.

How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies (via Jeffbullas’s Blog)

Great post by Jeff Bullas on Twitter for Business.

Here is the thing, I like to read about social media and have found a bunch of sites that have great information. The following blog always has great info and I wanted to share it. If you are not into it and wondering where my latest recipe is, hang on. It’ll be a day or so while I process June. I posted this in CoffeeShopBloggers, where I write about social media, too.

How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies In the last post I listed 5 Twitter case studies and how companies are using Twitter for business. Due to the popularity of the post and with over 737 views in 48 hours it seems there is slight unkempt appetite for this information. So here are 5 more companies and how they have experimented, tested and implemented Twitter to push their brand out into the market place. 1. @CoffeeGroundz CoffeeGroundz is a popular, albeit modest, Houston, TX based … Read More

via Jeffbullas’s Blog

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