Traveling with Fios

Over April break, our family traveled together, and with two teens in tow, you know we had our tech at the ready. Unsure of the available in flight and potentially long airport layover entertainment options, we all downloaded books and movies to our devices at the same time one day. Luckily, we have Verizon FIOS and it was a snap because of Verizon’s super fast download speed.

And we all had favorite apps – Verizon Fios Mobile, Hoopla (a free service offered by your public library that lets you borrow video, music and audio books), and HBO Go (accessed through our Verizon Fios account).

So books and movies were downloaded, devices and batteries charged, secured in our carry-ons, and we were on our way. As usual, I packed a variety of travel friendly snacks and we were off and running.

My youngest daughter even brought an adorable heart shaped headphone splitter so she and her sister could watch their favorite shows together which came in handy.

What did we watch? La La Land, Lion, Hidden Figures, Good Will Hunting, and several episodes of Friends. Books? I caught up on The Alchemist and, for something lighter, The World’s Best Life Hacks.









Everyone had their favorite diversions and we all shared our favorite picks with each other. Family trips are great opportunities for a shared experience – and even a long layover can be a chance for bonding with your shared earbuds and some snacks Mom packed.


Disclosure: I am working with a Verizon Fios team of bloggers to help get the word out about Fios coming to Boston. While I am being compensated for sharing, all opinions are, as always, my own. And yes, yes I do, watch a lot of tv. No judgement.


Family Car Trips

2013 Soul: Official Kia Soul Hamster Commercial

Yes, it’s true – car rides with your family can start out like the opera and quickly switch up to a bouncy dance tune. Sometimes you are up for it and sometimes not so much.

How do you manage long car rides? Pack entertaining and distracting things (some of us can read in the car, some cannot).I found this great Kid Kit which I wish I had when my kids were younger -back in the day I made my own and it was not this adorable, engaging and easy to pack up. So smart!

No surprise, here, I make sure to have plenty of snacks on hand. I tend to favor salty snacks on the road but make sure to balance them out with fresh fruit, trail mix and something sweet. I tend to over pack but it works for us! Pack a small collapsible cooler with a cold pack and drinks, water is a must – drink it, clean up small spills, faces and hands, too.

Favorite Snacks

1. Crackers -Saltines, Graham, Goldfish, pretzels – good for queasy tummies.

2. Fruit and veggies – cut-up, whole, dried.

3. Something sweet – cookies, power bars, mini candies (mints or gum).

4. Lunch if it is a long ride – pack up sandwiches and label with names (you’ll be happy you did).

5. Juice boxes, milk boxes (if you are feeling brave. Personally, never again after one incredible spill that soaked child and car seat).

I also pack napkins or paper towels and a few plastic bags for trash. Wipes and hand sanitizer, books, music, and a change of clothes (for everyone) if they are young. First aid kit,drawing or coloring stuff, car games, pillows, blankets, raincoats, sweaters and sometimes extra shoes. How do I fit it all in my car? It does take a while for me to pack up…

How do you travel? Light? Over-prepared?

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors. This is a sponsored post through Social Chorus for KIA Motors. All ideas, opinions and rants are, as always, my own.[youtuber youtube=’′%5D Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Kia Motors

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